Legal statement

1, I have carefully read and fully understood the relevant regulations of "Kimberlite 50-Carat Diamond Global Design Competition", and I have no objection to the contents of the regulations. I hereby solemnly promise to voluntarily participate in "Kimberlite 50-Carat Diamond Global Design Competition" and strictly abide by the competition rules.

2, I guarantee that all contents and information provided in the application form are true and accurate, and there is no intellectual property dispute or dispute in the entry works. I shall be solely liable for all consequences arising from any error or falsehood in the contents or materials I fill in, and shall be solely liable for all disputes concerning intellectual property rights of the entry.

3, I agree and confirm that I own the relevant rights and interests of the design works, and the intellectual property rights and related interests of the shortlisted and winning entries shall be owned by the organizer (Kimberlite Diamond Group) and the right of authorship shall be owned by me.

4, I certify that during the competition, I will not unilaterally decide to withdraw without the consent of the organizer.

5, I am clear about the terms of this competition and fully agree and abide by.